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Business Services

Network Design, Installation
From installing a new network printer or wireless hotspot to building an industrial-strength network server with a Linux backbone. Our design managers will provide the best analysis for any computer network project.

Data Backup
The only way to protect your data completely is to have copies of it in more than one location. Our data backup services include a consultation with you to find out what data you need protected and then a data backup solution will be provided. Unless you take aggressive steps to prevent the inevitable, data loss is a matter of “when,” rather than “if”.

Data Recovery
Your computer won’t turn on? You have purchased a new computer? Your hard drive crashed? Computer Express offers a data recovery service to transfer your important data, including pictures, music and email onto either CDs or another computer for a reasonable price.

Data Shredding
Did you know that deleting a file does not remove it from your computer? Deleting or formatting of hard drives can be undone. You need additional tools to securely and permanently remove files from your hard drive. Computer Express can securely “shred” your personal files to a certifiably unrecoverable state. If you have sensitive data that needs to be destroyed, we take care of it.
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